A Comprehensive Guide to Editing Images of Products for Your Ecommerce Website

You have finally got around to setting up your photo studio where you shot numerous high-quality images using the manual camera mode. You think that you are now almost ready to make your first sell in the online business world.

However, there is one last step that you need to complete before you start uploading great product images on to your online store. A number of aspects are involved in preparing the perfect images for your business website. Here, I present with you with a comprehensive guide on image editing with free tools so that you have only the best photos of your products showcased in your online store.

In order to get started you will need a computer and either Photoshop or LightRoom or some similar editing software. It goes without saying that you will also need the images that you wish to have on your ecommerce website. Now you are ready to embark on this glorious journey. The start may prove difficult but once you get the hang of things, it will be smooth sailing all the way to prosperity!

Making the RAW corrections

Once you have selected your product images from their respective folders, open them in RAW format. If your camera does not shoot RAW images, you can simply proceed to the next step. Else read what I have to say.

You need to know that what you get to see on your camera is usually different from the Camera RAW image. Though the camera has its own settings, the viewing features are not always able to hide the defaults which then show through. As a result some amount of tweaks is necessary on the images for your online store.

Select all the images on which you need the changes to be implemented and then make the edit. This way you can avoid doing a lot of repetitive work. Once you have made the changes, all selected images will change into RAW and feature the same overall changes.

While you can open the images directly from RAW and work with them, it is suggested that you save it in the JPEG format which will allow things to be organized. The images will appear as JPEG files in your target folder once you have done that.

Some spot re-touching

The main idea behind taking high quality images is to ensure that the minute details of your product get highlighted in the photo. Unfortunately, it also highlights the minute flaws that may have been present in your product. With the help of spot retouching you can have these errors rectified. Depending on the image editing tool you are using, the steps will vary. However, the basics of this process involve painting over the flawed sections of your product to ensure it all looks the same. If you could learn the shortcut keys for spot retouching on the image editing tool you are using, it will be greatly useful.

Implementing quick color adjustments

Though you started with some adjustments to your image in RAW, a few more tweaks will really make your product photos pop out on the ecommerce website page. Making photographic adjustments to certain colors can be tricky, so having the live product in hand while doing the retouching and making the changes will prove efficient. Use a hue toggle for adjusting the color layers and overall saturation so that the colors come out just right!

Drop a Shadow

Before you are finished, here is one last step that will make your product stand out even further. Add a shadow to the image that you have obtained after editing so far in order to give greater depth to your product and also ground it.

Now that you have a product that looks absolutely great, save it as a .JPG file and upload to your ecommerce website. This will allow you to keep the original in case you want to go back to it in future.

Be patient when you are starting out with the image editing process. It is expected you will make mistakes which will be a valuable learning curve for you. Things will speed up considerably once you get enough practice behind you!

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